A message to fans in Sri Lanka:

May 2017

Neva and I would like to thank the Capital Maharaja Organisation in Colombo, Sri Lanka for sponsoring our recent tour to their beautiful island.  The hospitality was superb.  Everywhere we went Jim Reeves fans are still true to his music.  Our sincere thanks for keeping his music alive.

Upon arrival at the airport we were taken to the fabulous Mount Lavinia Hotel where we stayed for 4 days.  When we arrived at the hotel, Neva was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and then a lady put a beautiful lay around my neck.  It was heart touching to say the least.

After our stay at Mount Lavinia, we were picked up by a couple that we know, Shyama and Shahan Wijetunge, and stayed with them a full week.  We met them in 2014 when they came to the US to see where Jim grew up and other places relating to his early years.  They were our guests at our country place, and we became good friends during this time.  Both are avid Jim Reeves fans.

We saw a rubber tree plantation where Shahan is the manager.  It was very interesting.  Each day we went on a trip to different areas of the country.  We saw where tea is raised, picked, and processed for sale all over the world. We toured the Elephant Orphanage which as very interesting.

Needless to say, when it came time to leave, our hearts were in our throats.
Thank you, Sri Lanka, for a wonderful visit!

P.S. Hopefully we'll have some photos posted soon,

Fall 2014
Paying Tribute to “The Voice From Beyond”


Neva and I spent the month of October touring the mid-west-Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Before we left, we had a call from a gentleman from Sri Lanka.  His name is Shahan Wijetunge, and he is an avid Jim Reeves fan.  Shahan and his wife, Shyama, were having trouble finding reservations with motels and transportation to tour where Jim was born, The Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, LA, the Depot Museum in Henderson, TX, Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, TX and finish with a visit to Jim’s Memorial.  We finally suggested that we could take them to our country home in Shelby County.

We only had a few days after getting home from our mid-west tour to pick them up in Longview and four days to take them to the places they wanted to see.  We would visit in the morning and go to places in the afternoon.  Luck was with us because we were able to achieve our goal.

Shahan and Shyama were two of the nicest people we have met and Jim Reeves fans 100%.  Taking them to the places they wanted to see brought back so many memories back when I used to visit all the places.  The highlight of their visit was when Shahan performed a service for Jim that is only given to Kings in Sri Lanka.  There were lighted candles at the foot of Jim’s statue along with beautiful flowers laid in front.  Shahan was dressed in a new black suit with a bow tie and ruffled shirt.  He knelt in front of the statue and use perfumed sticks to fill the air with fragrance.  He closed his hands in prayer at least 10 minutes.  He had tears in his eyes as he went over and paid tribute to Cheyene, Jim’s dog.  It was a very touching ceremony, fit for a King.  They prefer to call Jim as “the voice from beyond” Jim is played on the radio every day in Sri Lanka.

Neva and I would like to thank Shahan and Shyama for their visit to the US and were proud to develop new friends to visit with.  A higher power had to be working for us to do a tour like we did, find the places open, take pictures and pay tribute to the best singer that ever walked in this world.

updated Oct. 7, 2012
John Rex Reeves music update:

John Rex did a tour to LeMars, Iowa for 7 shows appearing at the 37th National Traditional Country Music Festival.  On Thursday, Aug 30, 2012 John Rex was inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in Anita, Iowa.  This award was for his effort in keeping traditional country music alive world wide.   He has been appearing on a regular basis here in the U.S. and has also worked England, Scotland, Norway and Australia since 1992.  He joins artists from The Grand Ole Opry and all over the country who have been inducted into The Hall of Fame.  He also received an award for the best soft country CD of the year (Heart and Soul--a 20 song CD).

FAME Awards Announced
(Spring 2011) For the past decade the Texas Valley has become the home of over 20,000 Winter Texans during the cold weather at their particular home area.  With a definite trend for the last few years of more and more RV’s and RV parks, the desire for good entertainment has become a growing request.  This has brought a very healthy group of entertainers from Branson, Nashville, and all over the country to visit the Texas Valley in search of acceptance with The Winter Texans.

A group of people who are dedicated to finding enjoyable, clean entertainment for the venues are called Families Advocating Moral Entertainment and have created an annual awards show to recognize the artist that they feel fits that category best.  It is called the FAME Awards Show and was held at the Civic Center in Pharr, Texas this year with Pharr mayor, Leo “Polo” Palacios welcoming visitors.  Each year there is a live show to entertain the audience and awards are presented to the entertainers for categories such as Entertainer of the Year, Best Duo, Best Gospel Group, Best Musician, etc.  I am very thrilled that I was awarded male vocalist of the year for 2011.

Although Neva and I were on our 4th tour in Australia, Rich Bellert, a great Cowboy Poet and friend, accepted the award in my behalf.  What a surprise to have upon our return from Australia.  I want to thank members of the FAME board, along with the many fans that attended our shows and felt like I deserved this honor.

Thanks and best wishes; we’ll see you winter 2012.

       John Rex

4th Australian Tour
(Spring 2011) We were in Australia for our 4th successful tour in February and March of 2011.  There was a terrible flood in Queensland that was just subsiding when we arrived in Melbourne, NSW.  When we arrived in Queensland later in the tour, it was obvious that there was a terrible damage to property which also included some loss of life.  However, the Gold Coast and Banana Coast were gorgeous.  As we moved up through the mountains of the east coast, the country was a beautiful green, with mixed colors of red and yellow flowers.  The water falls were beautiful as they carried the massive amount of water from the mountains to the ocean.  This was the first tour that Neva and I had the time to really enjoy Australia.  The land is beautiful and the people are like home folk.  We have made some wonderful friends.  The people are still in love with Jim’s music, but have accepted me in a warm manner.  I did the Jim Reeves Tribute along with songs of my own to very enthusiastic crowds.  What a great honor for the Reeves Legacy!

 We began the tour at a huge festival in Barham that lasted almost a week.  My show was Tues. evening and it was sold out!  The tour followed with shows from Barham all the way to Queensland.  We covered a lot of country and met so many nice people.  On March 4th, my birthday, I had a huge cake that Neva and Barbara had arranged for which weighed 11 pounds—a 3 layer chocolate, with cream frosting and cherries throughout the frosting.  A friend of ours, who also had the same birthday, joined me to make it extra special.  His name is Alf Rouse and is a fine human being!  Of course the afternoon was celebrated with a wonderful Bar-B cooked by Bryon Fletcher and Barbara who also made one of her “to kill for” Pavlovas.  How can you beat that?

 We are happy to be home, but we will think of the great times that we enjoyed!

       John & Neva

Sept. 11, 2010- John Rex and Neva would like to thank all the fans that attended the shows last month at Sandstone, MN. (two shows), as well as the show in Decorah, Iowa. The audiences were very enthusiastic and a great time was had by all. Look forward to the Midwest Country Show on RFD TV this fall. Both of John Rex's shows were taped for viewing on MWC which comes on Saturday Nights at 8:00 p.m.

**Check back soon for John Rex's 2011 show schedule

August 25, 2009
Henderson, TX

A great time was had by all as John Rex brought his Jim Reeves Tribute Show to Henderson in anticipation of the 45th Anniversary of Jim's passing on July 31. The show was held at the Henderson Middle School and was broadcast live on Henderson radio, KPXI. Henderson was an important part of the story of Jim Reeves. Before he left for Shreveport then Nashville, he was a dj for Henderson radio KGRI. The crowd was well attended as they saw and heard John Rex sing Jim's biggest hits and tell stories about growing up with the legend. Special guests on the show were John Secord and Monte Bragg. Monte won the John Rex Reeves Pickin' Party and Talent Show which was held just prior to the show. Monte won a placque and the right to sing on the evening Tribute Show. Monte will also be coming to Branson to sing on John Rex's Show this fall. Runnerup for the Talent Show was Teri Star who sang an original song she wrote. Thanks to all who attended and see you next year.

John Rex sings during the second half of the Henderson Show, He'll Have to Go.

Mayor Carson Joins, Mary Powell, Neva Reeves and John Rex Reeves at Jim's Memorial to mark the 45th year of his passing. The cross wreath was donated by one of Jim's biggest fans, Ms. Mrytle Mattis of Rose Queens, N. Y.

Monte Bragg, winner of the Talent Show, Scott Reeves and Teri Star, runner up.