The 16th Annual Magnolia Hilton Sporting Clay Classic

We all had a great time at this year's shoot. It was held at the Magnolia Hilton on October 27, 2007. Hard to believe it was the 16th. Man, time flies. This year's winner was Bill Brooks with 24 shots out of 25. There was a shootout for 2nd and 3rd place with Anthony Moschitto winning second with 22 shots. Matt Dupre bested Glen Parker for third. Both had 22 shots made. We had a great time despite J.R. and Neva being unable to attend due to their Branson obligations. Thanks to Jim, Bill and Darren for ramrodding the whole thing. Thanks to Uncle Joe. He's indispensible. Thanks to Nora and Pat for coming in and Nora thanks for your help in the kitchen. We had 18 shooters, our lowest number in a while, but this was to be expected with Dad and Mom not there. Here's to next year! Thanks guys. I will try to load more pictured in the coming weeks.

This year's winner, Bill Brooks. Also, head chef and cobbler maker.

The whole gang.

Jim Reeves with Darren Gorey. Darren, good luck in Boston. You will be missed.

Uncle Joe Reeves, Bill, Bill Raymond, Taylor, Glen and Homer Parker.